What can we eat in Nirjala Ekadashi fast ? Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat Timing 2021

What can we eat in Nirjala Ekadashi fast ?

  • Many people believe that it is mandatory for everyone to observe Nirjala Vrat on Nirjala Ekadashi. That is not the case at all. If you want, you can keep fast by drinking water and those who are weak or unhealthy can consume fruits one by one.
  • Ekadashi is the day when rice is strictly prohibited. According to Padma Purana, a person who eats rice on Ekadashi is born as a crawling worm in future.
  • Bananas, mangoes, grapes and other similar fruits can be consumed on the day of Ekadashi. Dried fruits like almonds, cashews and raisins can be added to it.
  • It is better not to consume salt during Ekadashi fasting, but if you are unable to abstain, then rock salt can be consumed as part of a one time fruit diet.
  • Those who do not observe Ekadashi fast should not consume rice, while barley, lentils, brinjal, radish and beans should also be avoided on this day.
  • According to Vishnu Purana, betel is offered to Shri Hari on the day of Ekadashi, so paan should not be consumed on this day.
  • If you want, you can take the paan presented in the worship as Prasad the next day.
  • Tamasic food like meat, alcohol, onion and garlic should be avoided on the day of Ekadashi.
  • One should not eat food at someone else’s house on Ekadashi. People observing fast should eat especially at home. The qualities of those who do so are destroyed.
  • Market sweets or custard should not be consumed on Ekadashi.
  • Those who are fasting should eat on this day lying on the ground and facing east. By doing this you will get full benefit of fasting.

Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat Timing

  • Ekadashi date starts – June 20, 2021 at 04:21 PM
  • Ekadashi date ends – June 21, 2021 at 01:31 PM
  • Parana (fast breaking) time – on 22nd June, 05:24 AM to 08:12 AM

About Nirjala Ekadashi

The fasting date for Nirjala Ekadashi is Monday, 21 June 2021. Nirjala Ekadashi is considered to be the best among all Ekadashi. The effect of fasting on this day is similar to the fast of 24 Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Ekadashi Tithi. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day by law. According to the Hindu calendar, Ekadashi comes twice in a month. There are 24 Ekadashi in a year. Nirjala Ekadashi is the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. Ekadashi date has special significance in Hinduism. By fasting on this holy day one gets freedom from all kinds of sins. By observing this fast, all the wishes of the person are fulfilled. According to religious beliefs, fasting on Ekadashi leads to salvation after death.

Beginning of Nirjala Ekadashi

According to the legend, the Pandu family used to observe the Ekadashi fast with devotion, but Bhimsen was unable to do so. The reason for this was that he could not live even a day without eating anything. When he saw his brothers fasting, he also tried to fast, but he felt compelled. He did not want to offend Lord Vishnu, so he told Maharishi Vyasa about his problems and begged for a remedy. Allaying their concerns, Ved Vyas ji highlighted the importance of Nirjala Ekadashi fast saying that the rules are difficult to follow, but those who follow them get the fruits of all Ekadashi and their sins are washed away. Neither food nor water is served on this Ekadashi that falls between Vrishabha and Mithun Sankranti. Because Mahabali Bhimsen started fasting on the request of Ved Vyas ji, this Ekadashi is also known as Bhimsen Ekadashi or Bhima Ekadashi.

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