Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital

Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital is a multi-specialty general hospital run by Mundakapadam Mandiram Society, a registered charitable society – K28 of 1956. The hospital is situated on the picturesque Mandiram Hill, providing a serene atmosphere to the patients and staff alike.

For the past 77 years, the hospital has been serving the local community to the inmates and staff of Agathi Mandiram and Balika Mandiram at affordable rates and free of cost. The hospital takes special care of the poor and needy when needed.

Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital and Mundakapadam Mandiram Society bear witness to Jesus Christ through Healing Ministry.

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Departments & Facilities

Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital leverages the synergy created in collaboration with various departments to excel in patient care and to provide affordable and quality healthcare to our community by making the best use of its facilities.

The hospital provides a safe and therapeutic environment for all patients, staff and visitors. The aim of the hospital is to increase the overall satisfaction rate of patients, staff and visiting consultants.

Mandirams – 1943

In 1943, Mr. P.C. George and his friends started Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital as a dispensary for the local community and residents of Agathi Mandiram.

Several deaths due to cholera and typhoid in Manganam and surrounding areas in the late 1930s and early 1940s forced him to open this hospital.

Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital – 2019

Over the years, Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital has grown into a 200 bedded multispeciality general hospital with more than 20 departments, around 45 doctors, 80 nurses, 30 paramedical staff and 50 other supporting staff.

Mundakapdam Mandiram Hospital works in a not-for-profit mode. Hospital’s growth is attributed to selfless work and generous contribution of individuals, families, organisations and beneficiaries.