Why Miyazaki mangoes are expensive ? Miyazaki mango advantages

Why Miyazaki mangoes are expensive. There are many reasons why it is expensive. The finest quality Miyazaki mangoes are branded and sold as ‘Taio-no-Tomago’ or ‘Eggs of Sunshine’. Miyazaki mango cultivation requires long periods of bright sunlight, mild temperatures and plenty of moisture. this mango prevents cancer. Lowers cholesterol level. It is good for your skin. Prevents heat stroke and strengthens the immune system.

The skin of the Miyazaki mango is a fiery red color and looks like a large dinosaur egg, rather than green or yellow. Each mango must meet specific criteria, including weight, sugar content, color and appearance. According to sources, the Miyazaki mango should weigh at least 350 grams and contain at least 15% sugar.

Miyazaki mango

Each mango also has a protective net around it so that the sun hits it evenly and gives it its distinctive shape. According to legend, mangoes were first planted in 1984 in the city of Miyazaki. The delicious variety of mango is available only from April to August. Most mangoes are sold between May and June. In addition to gift-giving, the seasonal treat is used in a variety of local dishes, including parfaits, puddings, curries, and even pasta. Miyazaki mango is grown in some countries other than Japan under suitable climatic conditions. These include Thailand, the Philippines and India.

Miyazaki mango advantages

Miyazaki mango advantages are : Rich in antioxidants, this mango prevents cancer. Lowers cholesterol level. It is good for your skin. Prevents heat stroke and strengthens the immune system.

Miyazaki mango price per kg

Miyazaki mango price per kg – The Miyazaki mango is considered a luxury fruit and the most expensive fruit in Japan. According to reports, a package of two mangoes costs Rs. 8,600/- and its cost is Rs. 2.7 lakhs.

History of Miyazaki mangoes

History of Miyazaki mangoes : Farmers aspiring to become mango growers started the Miyazaki Mango Dream in 1985. Two farmers started implementing their plan in 1986. The following year, eight more farms joined the initiative. However, this proved to be a daunting task, especially as they could not figure out why the mangoes were getting dark spots. As a result, the farmers did not get any income from mango production for the next eight years. He found that ripe mangoes that had naturally fallen to the ground were excellent one day. He came up with a new method of setting a trap under each mango to prevent it from falling over as it matures. Miyazaki farmers have finally achieved their goal of producing the sweet and savory mango of their dreams. Soon after, he coined the moniker “sun egg” for these ripe mangoes, which are guaranteed to have a sugar content of at least 15%. Sun egg juice has been used to make a variety of items, including beverages, Jell-O, jams, pies and caramels. Mango Wine and Mango Pudding Mix are also quite popular.

Miyazaki mango

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