Beniadih Football Ground – Giridih Jharkhand

Beniadih Football Ground: Beniadih Football Ground is located in Giridih district of Jharkhand state. Beniadih Football Ground is 6 km away from Giridih Town. This Ground is very old. When our country India was the slave of the British, it is made at the same time.

Beniadih Football Ground This is a special playground for the people around. Every morning many people from nearby villages come here and do exercise. Cricket matches and football matches are organized here every year in which people from far and wide come to take part in this game. Sports competitions for children are organized in all the primary and high schools of Beniadih in this ground. This event is organized every year on 15th August and 26th January.

beniadih football ground
beniadih football ground
beniadih football ground

Name of some villages around Beniadih Football Ground – Akdonikala, Chilga, Karmatand, Khandiha, Lodi Sarchha.

Beniadih pin code – 815311

Beniadih Football Ground Location :

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