e pension portal Jharkhand – How to apply?

e pension portal Jharkhand: The Jharkhand State Government has set up several services through the JKuber portal (https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/jpension/) for the benefit of its employees, and thus the e-pension portal is accessible for Jharkhand Employees General Provident Fund, CPS, or PRAN numbers, and now the portal is a The support is e-pension, planning cum finance department, and various employee services.

e pension portal Jharkhand, Employees must have an online account with Jharkhand Online Employee Registration to access the e-pension document. This account is one-of-a-kind, and it may be used at any time to examine any employee’s information online. Employee Salary Slips in Jharkhand may also be obtained using the same page.

Employees have access to the official e-Pension website, where they can get an electronic copy of their e-Pension document. The process to load the e-pension document is shown below.

Steps to Apply Online for e Pension Paper

  • Visit the official website of Jharkhand State Pension Portal by using the URL – https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/jpension/.
  • Visit the employee login page at jkuber.gov.in/emp/ and click on the employee login button.
  • Please enter your GPF number. Security Code and Password Login.
  • After selecting the option to generate pension paper, wait for the details to be displayed.
  • Fill all the required fields in the online application as thoroughly as possible.
  • Upload a composite picture of PAN number, DDO, office, contact information, retirement information, bank information required by the employee and his/her spouse, family members and more.
  • After entering the data correctly, choose Update > Forward to DDO.
  • Select Print Preview to view the Electronic Pension Paper on your screen.
  • Click on Download e-Pension Paper and mail it to DDO.
  • Pensioners can read their PPO data and check their PPO status online if three roles have been sanctioned (DDO, Sanctioning Authority, AG Pension Cell).
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How to Reset JKuber login Password

Employees who have forgotten their JKuber login password can now change it online and access their online e-pension paper using the GPF number of their registered login user.

Go to Reset link – https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/emp/frmOtpEmp.aspx

Now Follow The Steps :-

1.) Please select the appropriate employee type.

2.) Enter your GPF, CPS or PRAN number.

3.) Check the cellphone number entered by your DDO.

4.) If your cellphone number is incorrect, contact your DDO to get it updated.

5.) Please enter your date of birth.

6.) Please enter the security code.

7.) Finally press the Send Password button.

8.) Your new password will be sent to your registered cellphone phone.

9.) Create a new password and log in.

10.) If you have not registered yet, select Do not register.

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E pension Jharkhand Portal (Reset password)

This official website allows each employee to access their various information forms online using their unique credentials, and the integrated financial system allows the government to directly track GPF, Jharkhand salary slips, pension and other information, So that the government can distribute it equally to all. so, the login password is important to remember, and you should double-check the process.

How to Change kuber login password for logged in users :

  1. From the official website of Jharkhand Kuber visit the employee login portal. Then, under Online e-Services, select Kuber Employee Portal.
  2. Use your GPF or CPF number and password to access the system.
  3. Change your password by clicking the Change Password link in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. A Change Password screen will open, where you can fill in your information.
  5. Employee page for Kuber in Jharkhand.
  6. Enter GPF or CPF number here.
  7. Enter your phone number, birthday and security code.
  8. Send OTP code. Provide the OTP you received for verification.
  9. After entering the new password twice, click on the submit button.
  10. Your password will be changed successfully, and you will be able to visit your employee page with a new password.
  11. Employees can then logout and start using the new password to access the system.

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