Khandoli Park (Khandoli Dam) Giridih

Khandoli Park is located in Giridih (Jharkhand). It is about 9 km from Giridih city. This park is good to visit with your family and friends. It is a beautiful picnic spot. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in the park. The park has a variety of flowers and plants that will give you a sense of joy. Khandoli is one of the attractive tourist places for adventure seekers located in Jharkhand. There is also a small dam where you can enjoy boating. There is a hill station in the park where you can enjoy hill climbing.

Khandoli Dam is a dam located 10 km northeast of the city of Giridih, towards Bengabad in Jharkhand, India. The entire Khandoli site is widely visible through a hill, which is 600 feet in height. Apart from elephant and camel safaris, travelers can enjoy boating, mountaineering, rock climbing, parasailing, and kayaking. The reservoir of Khandoli dam supplies water to more than one lakh residents of Giridih city. The shape of Khandoli hill is saddle shaped and the summit is like a volcanic cone. Tourists usually visit Khandoli during winters to witness the wonderful migratory birds. Rides like toy trains and swings keep the tourists entertained. Paddle boat, speed boat and water scooter are some of the water activities that can be enjoyed at Khandoli Dam.

Great Cormorant, Siberian Duck, Siberian Crane, Brahminy Shelduck, and forty such varieties of birds are seen here which breed in this suitable environment.

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