Dr Deepak Bagaria Giridih – Navjeevan Nursing Home

Dr Deepak Bagaria Giridih - Doctor of Navjeevan Nursing Home Giridih - Dr Deepak Bagaria is no longer in this world.

Doctor Deepak Bagaria was working in Navjeevan Nursing Home, Giridih district. he is No longer in this world. DR Deepak Bagaria’s health was going bad for a long time. He died on 6 June 2021 due to deteriorating health. he was a very good doctor. In this pandemic period, we have come to know one thing very well that what is the importance of a doctor in our life. We should respect the doctor and respect him. He is another form of God to us.

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Giridih is a small town and the number of hospitals is less. In such a situation, the death of a doctor here is not good news for the people here. We need more and more doctors in this Corona period.

Navjeevan Nursing Home, Giridih

Navjeevan Nursing Home is located in Giridih district of Jharkhand state. Navjeevan Nursing Home is very famous hospital in Giridih city. People from far and wide come here to get their treatment. this Hospital is known for its management and good patient treatment. Navjeevan Nursing Home is easy to reach and you can easily reach by bike or car. This Hospital is in the center of Giridih Town. This hospital is near Giridih Court. Let us tell you that the Government Hospital (Saddar Hospital) is located at a short distance from Navjeevan Nursing Home. You can reach here by bus, car or train. The bus stand is about 500 meters from the hospital and the railway station is about 800 meters away. Giridih railway station is not a junction, from here you will get train for Only Madhupur. Madhupur is a Junction, from where you will get train to all your destination.

Location of Navjeevan Nursing Home

New Barganda, Giridih, Jharkhand (Pin code – 815301)

(Near Giridih Court)

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