Duke Energy is sending 400 line workers from the Carolinas to Florida to help restore electricity.

According to a spokesman for the utility business, there are still plenty of employees in our state to deal with any possible disruptions caused by Elsa.

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — Utility providers like Duke Energy say everything should be OK in the Triad as Elsa makes her way onshore.

Despite the fact that many line workers are aiding in Florida, there are still enough teams to cover this town.

“We’ve deployed around 400 contract line workers and support staff down from the Carolinas to help our local crews in Florida,” said Jeff Brooks, a Duke Energy spokeswoman. “We’re up against Mother Nature. She’s unpredictably unpredictable, so we’ll have to make changes to our strategy as the storm approaches and the effects of the storm become apparent.”

Given the amount of times workers from other states aided in our own during hurricanes and severe storms, Brooks said they’re delighted to help.

He said they don’t expect major disruptions this time, but they’re ready for anything that comes our way now and during the storm season. Strengthening the Triad’s electrical system is one aspect of that readiness.

“We’re looking at areas where we’ve seen reliability issues on a regular basis and trying to address those – maybe upgrading poles and wires, or replacing some power outage prone lines and burying them,” Brooks said. “Also, [we’ve] installed self-healing technology and other advancements across the system on those main power lines that serve all parts of our cities they’re in the Tri-State area,” Brooks added.

According to Brooks, around 1,000 linemen are on standby in eastern North Carolina, including several hundred in the Triad.