Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: fans in India can watch the fight.

Floyd Mayweather will face Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match in Florida, USA. The fight is waiting for the fans in India to watch.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul : Boxing match to be fought on 6th June is going to be the first time in history. Floyd Mayweather is a Professional Boxer. and he will fight with Logan Paul youtuber. Yah match will last for a total of 8 rounds. It is an intriguing match between two celebrities at the extreme end of the boxing spectrum.

This match between Mayweather and Logan will be a total of 8 rounds of 3 – 3 minutes. If there is a knockout during the fight or the refry needs to intervene then the fight will be stopped.

Paul is taller and younger when compared to Mayweather. While the YouTuber is 6’2″ and 26 years old, Mayweather is 5’8″ and 44 years old. Although expected to be quick on Paul’s feet, Mayweather is a legend in this boxing arena and is still undefeated in 49 professional boxing bouts.

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