Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Result

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Result 2021

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul have a fight. No winner was announced because it was an exhibition, but Floyd mainly did what he wanted, with an increasingly weary Logan Paul doing his best work in clinch positions. Overall, it was a really dull fight with little action. Badou Jack defeated Devin Colina in a one-sided mismatch elsewhere on the bill. Former NFL player Chad Johnson survived a four-round fight with Brian Maxwell, and Louis Arias stunned Jarrett Hurd in a split decision.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Round 1 : The first round came to a wild conclusion as Paul began to cry out massive looping strokes. Despite the fact that no one was able to go inside, the audience was in a tizzy. Floyd is certainly waiting for Paul to run out of gas, but he appears to be having a hard time sneaking up to someone older.

Round 2 : Logan deserves the credit. Seems to be far more polished than Paul vs. KSI. Floyd, on the other hand, appears to be hovering, not throwing much, but allowing Paul to punch himself a bit. Once the punches lose their venom, I expect them to move on.

Round 3 : A really fast left hook landing on Paul, but Paul is leaning on Floyd and putting all his weight on him. Paul, on the other hand, appears exhausted.

Round 4 : Mayweather delivers some powerful strikes, but Paul also landed a tremendous hit. I think Mayweather will try to finish the fight in the next two or three rounds.

Round 5 : Floyd is employing high guard and takes Paul down the court, delivering a massive shot. Paul is not harmed, just appears to be exhausted. The camera moves to Paul’s brother, Jake, who declares victory in the fight. Obviously, he isn’t.

Round 6 : Paul’s case is surprisingly well made. It was a weird round here, when Logan pulled out one after another basically unnerving jabs while Mayweather searched for the killshot. This is a bit disturbing to see.

Round 7 : This fight doesn’t get any better, with Paul looking sluggish and Mayweather looking at his peak. I’m not going to lie, it’s an uphill battle. There were really no excellent shots.

Round 8 : As Mayweather and Paul make their way through another grueling round of boxing, spectators begin to boo them.

If you don’t know, they are not scoring it, thus no winner is announced. For a number of reasons, this is a major downgrade. Due to the loss of Paul’s stature and one of Floyd’s strides, it never felt like it was in danger of stopping. Logan Paul, on the other hand, deserves credit for reaching the end of the fight.

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