On the set of ‘Fatherhood’, Kevin Hart insisted that his kids learn everyone’s names.

Kevin Hart is committed to raising kind and hardworking children. Just ask Fatherhood director Paul Weitz.

Weitz described how Hart’s children, Haven, 16, Hendrix, 13, Kenzo, 3, and Kaori Mai, 9 months, frequented the set while chatting with Romper.

“They forced them to learn everyone else’s name and job title. “I think they won something if they all went well.” “It’s a great way to learn about a movie set. The opportunity was there. I’m bringing my kids on set, and I wish I had thought about it.

When Hart, 42, bought ice cream for a large number of fans, he handed over distribution to Haven and Hendrix.

‘You two are in charge of this,’ she told her children. “Go out there and make sure everyone’s got their ice cream,” Hart co-star Alfre Woodard told Romper. He didn’t tell the third assistant director about it. He ordered them.”

Eniko Hart, the actor’s 36-year-old wife, is the mother of Kenzo and Kaori Mai. Her previous marriage to comedian Torrey Hart produced Haven and Hendrix.

Hart said that he treats Heaven and Hendrix as adults and has set up a “free-speaking zone” at home to open them up without fear of being judged.

“As a father, I’ve learned that listening is the most important thing in the world,” Hart said. “It’s not about trying to be right. It’s not about giving advice. It all comes down to doing your best to listen, understand, and then impart knowledge so that your children can make the best decisions. Not for you; it’s for them.”

Hart said he was always open and honest with his children, including telling them about his high-profile infidelity incident in 2017.

He added, “You have to talk to your kids about it because it’s going to come out.” “Depending on the scenario, some of them are fine with it and others aren’t…. My children are aware of who their father is.”

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