Rachel Nichols husband Jimmy butler : Love Affair Conspiracy Theory, Explained

From a journalistic viewpoint, there is no reason for the public to think that ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols and NBA player Jimmy Butler are guilty of “slapping cheeks” in July 2020, a clear breach of NBA Bubble etiquette and a betrayal of a 20-year marriage. However, NBA Twitter sleuths never let the facts get in the way of a good storey, and in the aftermath of the recent Nichols circus, they felt it was necessary to fan the fires of the Jimmy Butler Bubble Love Affair myth.

The Impetus:

During the quarantine time, a security guard got a complaint of a “big pounding” within a bubble hotel room, according to NBA Insider Chris Haynes. Butler answered the door, soaked in perspiration and claiming to be dribbling a basketball when the guard knocked.

The Allegation:

As the world falls apart around Nichols in the aftermath of her now-famous “diversity” remark, urban gossip blog Jordan Thrilla spread the storey that the pounding noises from a year ago were really the sounds of passionate, rhythmic coitaling between two consenting people.

Supporting Testimony:

The Internet then linked to a cutesy bubble interview Rachel and Jimmy had during Miami’s Finals run last summer, which would be laughable if the foundation hadn’t already been built.

Following a double technical, conspiracy theorists were thrilled to hear a clip of Karl Anthony-Townes yelling at his old teammate to “Call Rachel Nichols.”