SpaceX – Starlink to launch in California | Falcon 9 booster sent

SpaceX shipped its first one or two proven Falcon 9 boosters from Florida to California.

On May 27, Reddit Post revealed the arrival of the Falcon 9 booster at the Vandenberg Air / Space Base (VAFB), home to SpaceX’s West Coast SLC-4E launch pad.

Only useful for polar or high-tilt projection with satellites orbiting the Earth’s poles instead of the equator, SpaceX has used the SLC-4E only twice in the last two years – a tape in June 2019 and most Most recently in November 2020.

Now, amid mass recruitment and rare new activity in the nearby Los Angeles port, SpaceX is clearly ready to return the SLC-4E launcher to active service.

(Credit to SpaceX)

Both West Coast Falcon 9 missions have recently hosted an improved landing on the LZ-4, an incoming area located more than 300 meters from the launch pad. This led SpaceX to release its former West Coast drone ship Just Read the Instructions (JRT) via the Panama Canal in August 2019, as it eventually joined the recapture fleet in Florida in early 2020 to fund the launch highway. Gone. .

To some extent, SpaceX succeeded in launching the Falcon 9 26 times in 2020, beating the previous record – 21 flights – by almost a quarter. By 2021, SpaceX is on track to repeat its annual launch record and also completes 16 orbital launches, with a full seven months remaining in the year. This rhythm pushes the SpaceX launch package, rescue ships and lifeboats to their limits. Given the stringent requirements of the SpaceX launch rhythm almost weekly, the company would send a job stimulant to Vandenberg only if there was an urgent need to do so.

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(Credit to SpaceX)

Reported by Next SpaceFlight as Falcon 9B1049 and NASA spaceflight writer Michael Boiler, a promoter who arrived at the Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday, airlifted nine times – completing twice in February and May 2021. The B1049 was not the fastest, most viable ship to have its first ship in September. 2018 However, SpaceX 4E’s SLC-4E is out of date and a recently distributed recruitment document in 2021 indicates that the company’s return target in the West Coast was a maximum one-month launch.

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(Credit to SpaceX)

Two SpaceX spacecraft – OCISLY and JRTI – currently have their hands on the east coast. Any move to California would take a few weeks, at that time reducing SpaceX’s east coast launch time. SpaceX and its contractors are currently working hard to eliminate the third unmanned aircraft – the Short Gravitas (ASOG), but previous information indicates that the ship is at least a few months away in completion.
When the drone ship arrives at new SpaceX locations on the West Coast, the company will have everything needed to launch the Starlink Polar.