Trump-backed Greg Abbott is facing a Republican challenger for Texas governor. Alan West: Who is he?

Alan West, a former Republican congressman and the most recent head of the Texas Republican Party, formally announced his primary campaign against Governor Greg Abbott, who has often been criticized by the West.

West announced his 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidacy for the state of Texas on Sunday, after weeks of speculation and several barely disguised jabs at Abbott. Official contenders hoping to unseat Abbott include state senator Don Huffines of Dallas, podcast personality Chad Prather, and Reform Party candidate Patrick Wynne. Abbott has been governor of Texas since 2015. West’s reasons for running include his opposition to the Green New Deal and his intention to go after the banks and financial backers of illegal immigration.

West posted a video on Sunday showing him reciting the Declaration of Independence to churchgoers on July 4 and warning that illegal immigration and the border issue are threatening Texas’ sovereignty.

In recent years, West has been a frequent critic and sometimes ally of Abbott, but he says his concerns about the border and the growth of so-called liberal ideals in Texas cities are pushing him to return to politics.

“I haven’t been in elected political office in over a decade, but I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch what has transpired in these United States of America and…the land that I call home,” West said in a video published on Sunday.

Newsweek contacted Abbott’s office for comment on West’s upcoming campaign on Sunday afternoon. Other contenders in the Texas governor’s race, on the other hand, applauded West’s statement. Former President Donald Trump has already endorsed Abbott for re-election, with Trump polling at reasonably high levels across Texas.

“I hope Allen joins me in denouncing Governor Greg Abbott for neglecting to prioritise legislation against cruel physical and chemical sex reassignment surgeries on children…and the Abbott administration’s globalist agendas,” stated Chad Prather, host of the Commonsense Conservative podcast. “While I’m at it, companies should not be required to carry COVID passports…”

After serving in combat in both Iraq wars, West resigned from active service as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2003. West was commissioned as a Texas State Guard officer in 2019. In 1983, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee. In 2010, West was elected as a one-term Republican congressman in Florida, but he was defeated by Democrat Patrick Murphy in 2012. West became the chairman of the state Republican Party after moving to Texas years later, a position he resigned down from last month.

West said his decision to run against Abbott was partly driven by a desire to counter the so-called “Green New Deal’s” possible federal energy consequences. West commended Abbott for acknowledging the border problem and “the plague of illegal immigration flowing through” on Fox & Friends on June 17.

West has stated that he is interested in going after banks that are laundering money for drug gangs in Mexico and Central America. One of his major objectives, according to his recently launched campaign website, is “protecting Texas sovereignty.”

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