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Computer System General Questions and Answers

What is a computer?

A computer is a machine that stores and processes data. To perform activities such as storing data, computing algorithms, and presenting information, most computers use a binary system that uses two variables, 0 and 1. From portable cell phones to supercomputers weighing over 300 tons, computers come in a variety of forms and sizes.

What is a computer in short answer?

A computer is an electronic device used to manipulate data or information. It can store, retrieve and process information.

Who invented the computer?

The first automated computing engine was created by Charles Babbage (1791–1871), a computer pioneer. He came up with the idea for computers, but never got around to building them. In London in 2002, the first complete Babbage engine was built, 153 years after it was planned. The Difference Engine No. 2 has 8,000 components, weighs five tons, and is 11 feet long, and was built to the original design.

What is computer full form?

The word “computer” is derived from the verb “to calculate”, which means “to calculate.” In simple words, computer is an electrical device which is used to make quick calculations. Some claim that computer stands for Common Operating Machine for Technical and Educational Research. This is a myth because, first, the description is illogical, and second, when computers were originally developed, they were simply computing machines that required a lot of space to set up.

What is a modern computer?

Electronic and digital computers are in trend nowadays. Hardware refers to physical machinery, such as cables, transistors and circuits, while software refers to instructions and data.

All general purpose computers require the following hardware components:

  • Memory – permits a computer to store data and applications, at least temporarily.
  • Mass storage device – permits a computer to store enormous volumes of data indefinitely. Solid state drives (SSDs), disc drives, and tape drives are all common mass storage devices.
  • Input device – The input device, which is generally a keyboard and mouse, is the conduit via which data and instructions enter a computer.
  • Output device – a monitor, printer, or other device that allows you to view what the computer has done.
  • Central processing unit (CPU) – This is the component that actually executes instructions in the computer.
modern computer
Modern computer

Apart from these, many other components allow the basic components to work efficiently together. For example, a bus is required by each computer to transport data from one area of the computer to another.

What is Ram full form?

Full form of Ram is “Random-access memory”. Computer memory, often called random access memory (RAM), is your system’s short-term data storage; It saves the information that your computer is actively using so that it can be retrieved quickly. The more apps your computer runs, the more memory it will require.

random access memory

What is RAM used for?

Many of your computer’s regular operations, such as launching apps, accessing the Internet, updating spreadsheets, or playing the latest games, depend on RAM. Memory enables you to transition rapidly between different activities, remembering where you were in the previous one when you move on to the next. The more memory you have, the better on average.

You’ve used a lot of memory when you switch on your computer and open a spreadsheet to modify it, but check your email first. Memory is needed for loading and executing programs such as your spreadsheet software, responding to instructions, such as any spreadsheet modifications you make, and flipping between different programs, such as when you have emailed. The spreadsheet was left to check. Your computer is actively using memory almost constantly. Memory is similar to your workstation in many ways. It lets you work on multiple projects at once, and the bigger your desk, the more documents, files, and chores you can have at once. You can find information quickly and easily without having to travel to the file cabinet (your storage drive). You can file any or all of your tasks in a filing cabinet for safe keeping when you are with them or when you leave for the day. The file cabinet that comes with your workstation is your storage drive (hard disk or solid state drive) for tracking your tasks.

Who is brain of computer?

The CPU is the brain of a computer, which includes all the hardware needed to process input, store data, and generate output. The CPU always follows the instructions of the computer program which tells it which data to process and how to process it. We could not execute the application on the computer without the CPU. Thanks to a control unit that understands how to read program instructions and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) that understands how to add numbers, the CPU can simply execute such instructions. When the control unit and ALU are coupled, the CPU can process much more complex programs than a basic calculator.